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Because face it.
I'm right, and you're wrong.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Dear sir.
I know you're an orthodox jew and want to bury your mom right away and everything, but tough shit. Were going to cut her up and we dont care whether you like it or not. We'll call you when we're done to pick up whats left.

P.S. We have no king but Jesus.

Ashcroft Seeks New Autopsy Authority

WASHINGTON, Feb. 12 (UPI) -- Attorney General John Ashcroft may use proposed changes to the USA Patriot Act to ask Congress for new authority to conduct autopsies on U.S. victims of terrorist attacks.

The Justice Department has quietly drafted proposed changes to the October 2001 USA Patriot Act that the department says are designed to improve the government's authority to battle terrorism at home. Critics have said the draft proposal, first obtained by The Center
for Public Integrity last week, would further limit public access to information, expand spy powers and hurt civil liberties.

But tucked inside the 87-pages of revisions is new authority for the Justice Department to authorize autopsies to learn more about terrorist perpetrators.

"Autopsies of the victims of terrorist attacks and other deadly crimes, as well as other persons, can be an effective way of obtaining information about the perpetrators," according to the recommendations drafted by the Justice Department Office of Legislative Affairs. "In
addition to revealing the cause of death, autopsies sometimes enable law enforcement to retrieve forensic evidence (such as bomb fragments) from the deceased body."

The department suggests that Congress, "create federal authority, in the attorney general, to conduct autopsies when necessary or appropriate in the conduct of federal criminal investigations. This authority is not limited and may be delegated to others."

The primary need for the new authority comes in cases outside the United States, according to the Justice Department. The draft also says the department will not hire new armies of forensic pathologists to handle the next terrorist attack, but rather "the autopsies will be
performed by local coroners, private forensic investigators, or the Armed Forces Medical Examiner and his staff."

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Diplomacy, Rumsfeld style.

"There are many countries that have indicated that they want to help the coalition with rebuilding in the post-Saddam Hussein era. And then there are three or four countries that have said that they want nothing to do with it: I believe that Libya, Cuba, and Germany have indicated that they do not want to help at all."

Thats right. Compare one of our allies that currently hosts over 71 thousand of our Military personnel and eleven of our Nuclear warheads to Libya and Cuba. They'll love that.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Got this from the loonies in the rRush limbaugh chat room (and I may add they are getting even loonier).

Recall Gray Davis.

Thats right, overturn the will of the voters and recall a constitutionally elected governer.


The website reasons are the best part. One is simply an admitted allegation. Another is that Gray Davis is thinking of, signing into law a tax!!!!!


That f*cking Nazi!!

No no no no no.

Gore is the liar!!!

Bush Uncertain About Space Center Visit
A day after telling reporters that Bush had visited Johnson Space Center while serving as governor of Texas in the 1990s, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer backpedaled from that assertion.

"I think right now it's somewhat murky," the press secretary said aboard Air Force One Tuesday, en route to a memorial service for the seven Columbia astronauts who died in last weekend's tragedy.

It may not be so murky after all.

Fleischer's boss, communications director Dan Bartlett, worked with Bush in Texas and said a review of governor's office records suggests he had not been to the center - at least not as governor or president.



True Life on MTV where they chronicle couples getting married. When you see
the reruns of this show, be sure to watch for the Brooklyn guido psychopath
and his collagen/silicone fiancee. He represents all that I hate about men.
He commits a felony on tv when he repeatedly threatens the life of hte limo
driver: "I will f'n hunt you f'n down and f'n gut you." Unreal. What a
scary, yet compelling, idiot.

HS Reunion on WB. The popular girl represents all that I hate about certain
women. She's so insecure and pathetic and conniving and egotistical,
somehow all at the same time. I can't stand her or her eyebrows, which are
like a separate entity. Good for the Nerd and his millionaire status. WB
is terrible at editing this show, trying to splice in instances of intrigue,
but a careful viewer is quick to notice different clothes and the way they
answer shows that the questions are loaded. Its kinda annoying, but this
show is so boring, that it makes it bearable to watch...almost.

Made on MTV, a cute Philly girl becomes a model in NYC. From the little I
saw, they set her up with a free apartment, she gets hired at some hip
coffee shop filled with aspiring models and her mom's muslim. I'm sure I'll
watch it all someday, as the girl/cheerleader and boy/basketball players
episodes were pretty good. Never saw teh nerdy band one though.

RR/RW Challege, Puck gets married. It amazes me that MTV can cloister
together 30 dimwits who cater to Puck. I give Ellen props (despite her
histrionics) for calling out that idiot for what he is; another media wh0re.
(Much like Corey Feldman, he decided reality tv would be a good place for a
marriage). The minister looked embarrassed and horrified. One mussy haired
kid did suggest to Puck that maybe, just maybe, he should act human for a
day or 2. And he didnt even get spit on. There's a few anorexic chicks
with big giant cans, and Lori is still pretty in her quiet, mousy, adds
nothing to anyone's life way. G@y Dan wore a mermaid outfit. Yup, he's

Joe Millionaire, forgive me this week, as I had quite a fever last night so
my memory is a bit clouded. First date was with MayLissah, the
football-shaped-headed girl with the curls (and winky eye... who is she,
mojo?). The went to Cannes (or "Can" as our intrepid Joe put it) and
watched the sun set (or "setted" as our girl melissa put it). She called
him average and essentially dumb at dinner. This from a girl who a) wore a
bustier to "get ahead" in the race for that lunkhead, b) can't conjugate the
verb, "set," c) flashed the Fox cameras her white pant1es while cooing,
"I'll make this easy" on Evan's lap. Thank you for that pathetic display,
good bye. Then it was off to Corsica with Zora. What is Zora doing on this
show? She seems relatively normal, is pretty, is natural, and has at least
a shred of decency. Then again, her name is "Zora." I faded out at this
point, but I remember Joe explaining where Corsica was and it somehow struck
me as funny. Then he went to Nice with Sarah the foot fetishist video girl.
She intimidates him with her sophistication since she knows about wine and
food and stuff. "I'd like a red wine, not too sweet, but fruity" passes as
sophisticated to him. I liked her talking to the waiter, in english, with a
french accent, as though she was talking french. This SNL-skittish repartee
is now "sophisticated" on Fox. And how dare our hero think that gnocchi
could be stuffed with anything! "That's ravioli," said our fair, eloquent,
bondage queen. Christ. Once again, all his little soliloquy's were totally
scripted and written for him, to my eyes and ears. The midnight meeting
with the producer was so fake, it made sarah's b00bs look natural.

When does this mess end?

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