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Because face it.
I'm right, and you're wrong.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Bob Rajic, the coolest guy ever.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Imagine an actual reporter like, say, Peter Jennings, saying this on the ABC Nightly News:

Former Vermont Governor and presidential candidate Howard Dean, who emerged as a champion of the angry liberal left last year, officially jumped into the race today.

OF course, because Peter Jennings doesn't say this, just proves that he is hopelessly liberal and hates Jesus...

Bush VS. Bush

The president looked at Wright approvingly. "At your age," he said, Social Security "will be bust by the time it comes for you to retire."
...."If you're 20 years old, in your mid-20s, and you're beginning to work, I want you to think about a Social Security system that will be flat bust, bankrupt, unless the United States Congress has got the willingness to act now," Bush said.

This is, of course, a flat out baldfaced lie.

And now....

''I fully understand the power of those who want to derail a Social Security agenda by scaring people,'' he said. ``It's been a tactic for a long period of time by those who believe the status quo is acceptable.''

Some Lord of the Rings prequel footage (The Hobbit) leaked on the internet.

Looks pretty sweet.

Right on Cue....

"Hollywood has spoken. 'Don't mess with us,' is what they're saying," said Jennifer Giroux of seethepassion.com. " 'Don't mess with us because we will not consider your talent if you do anything that is Christian,' is the message that's coming out."

It must be hard going through life convinced that everythign is an evil plot against Christians in a time when evangelical Christains control every aspect of the Federal Government.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

WAAAHHH WAAHHHH!!! I gave Bush tons of moeny and was forced to wait in lines. WAAAAHHHH!!

This rection encapsulates the Republican base:
"It's time to put a stop to all this nonsense, protesting and causing confusion,"

I'm sure he also wondered why there were so many "uppity darkies" roaming the streets of D.C.

Oscar nominations out, and they are the most safe, boring picks ever.

The Aviator, Sideways, Million Dollar Baby and Ray.


Although I haven’t seen the Aviator, it just looks like a mildly entertaining Hollywood biopic. In other words, Scorsese doing a “fun” picture in between his real artistic works like Gangs of New York, Kundun, Age of Innocence, etc. The kind of safe conservative stuff the Oscars love to nominate.

Same goes for Ray. And Jamie Foxx is getting so freakin obnoxious over this movie I hope he goes down in flames. And now that’s hes nominated TWICE, hes gonna be insufferable.

First, the outrageous omissions:

Fahrenheit 9/11.
but its somewhat mitigated by the fact that Moore pulled it out of contention for documentary leaving his only hope to be best picture, which was a longshot. But still, I bet it was still better than “Ray”.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for Best Picture. It was hands down the b@llsiest, smartest movie all year. They gave it some token nods, but it deserved this.

Hero or House of Flying Daggers. Becuase god forbid they nominate an “action” movie.

Kill Bill for anything .

White Chicks for anything.

Here are the picks I thought were the best ones:

Best Actor
Don Cheadle -- "Hotel Rwanda" He deserves it more than Jamie Foxx. Hell, his performaces in the NFL commercials is better than anything Jamie Foxx ever did. Except for maybe Wanda on In Living Color.

Best Actress

Catalina Sandino Moreno -- "Maria, Full of Grace" A dark film about drug mules.

Kate Winslet -- "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" Yet another reason the film is so good. Put her up against Jim Carrey and make HER the wacky one. Her heart will go on.

Imelda Staunton -- "Vera Drake" Ab0rtion!!!! No wonder they didn’t nominate Mel!!!

Best Supporting Actor
Clive Owen -- "Closer" The next Bond.

Best Supporting Actress

Sophie Okonedo -- "Hotel Rwanda" Put her in the Haing S noir category. Meaning you probably wont hear from her again.

Natalie Portman -- "Closer" My sweet sweet Natalie…..

Best Director
Mike Leigh -- "Vera Drake" Ab0rtion!!!! No wonder they didn’t nominate Mel!!!

Best Original Screenplay
Charlie Kaufman, Michel Gondry and Pierre Bismuth, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" Right on. A screenplay that assumes the audience is smart.
Mike Leigh, "Vera Drake" Ab0rtion!!!! No wonder they didn’t nominate Mel!!!

Best Adapted Screenplay
Jose Rivera, "The Motorcycle Diaries" Communists!! No wonder they didn’t nominete Mel!!!

Best Foreign Film
"Downfall" (Germany) A “sympathetic" look at Hitler? Ballsy choice. Especially since this was the category that Passion of the Christ would have been in had it been nominated. Expect this to be the main focus of Hannity and O’Reilly and the gang, ignoring, of course, that it was simply a better movie.

And here are the worst ones:

Best Documentary Feature
"Tupac: Resurrection" Please.

Best Original Screenplay

Brad Bird, "The Incredibles" (A cute animated kids film. No more, no less. And it went on 15 minutes too long)
Richard Linklater & Julie Delpy & Ethan Hawke, "Before Sunset" (Ethan Hawke winning any kind of award for anything is the second sign of the Apocolypse. )

Best Aniamted Film
Shark Tale.

Monday, January 24, 2005

More Fun with Ebay.

This guy's Feeback comments are pretty funny.

Friday, January 21, 2005

My next job.

Beofre it disappears completly down the memory hole....

WMD search in Iraq over: report
The search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq ended last month, nearly two years after President George W Bush sent troops to disarm Saddam Hussein, the Washington Post has reported.
The report concluded that Iraq had no stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons and its nuclear program had decayed before last year's US-led invasion.

After eleven years during which we have tried containment, sanctions, inspections, even selected military action, the end result is that Saddam Hussein still has chemical and biological weapons and is increasing his capabilities to make more. And he is moving ever closer to developing a nuclear weapon.
George Bush

Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction.
Dick Cheney

Total dead American soldiers killed in Iraq:
1363 and counting.

Just thought you might wana know.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Parins Hilton. Wanted criminal? Watch the freak out video here, which is actually kinda boring, except for the uber-gay guys description of the incident.

"She used profanity to the extreme."

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I’m always fascinated by Bill OReillys stupidity, but this little ditty from Media Matters is a cornucopia of his greatest traits.

Dr. King would be appalled by the secular culture, the attacks on Christmas, the demonizing of Christianity. By the way, where's the ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union] and other pinheads when Martin Luther King's picture is displayed on public property? He openly advocated the philosophy of Jesus and proudly declared himself a Christian. What say you, ACLU? Dr. King yes, the creche no? Think about it.


Lets break it down, simply because I think its freaking hilarious that this guy is considered by many a “voice” for conservatives, and that’s just funny.

Dr. King would be appalled by the secular culture, the attacks on Christmas, the demonizing of Christianity.

So first thigns first. If you ever wondered what MLK would think about anything, Bill O'Reilly from Westbury Long Island, can tell you. This is of course nothing new, rightwingers are always co-opting popular historical fugures and declaring that if they were alive today they would support issue X (Where issue X = latest disgusting and unpopular right wing belief). That way if you are against issue X (like FOX News, and President Bush, but never mind that). And of course what has to be the single most overused straw man argument in modern times, calling anyone who thinks church and state should be separate as “hating Christianity”.

As to the "demonizing of Christianity". Thats just him completly making shit up.

By the way, where's the ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union] and other pinheads when Martin Luther King's picture is displayed on public property?

That’s just a perfect sentence. It combines 3rd grade insults with 3rd grade intellect. MLK is now the “church” simply because he believed in religion, like virtually every public figure. Now heres a question, Do you think O’Reilyl is really being this dumb, or is just kind of schticking it up Coulter style so he can be “mad” at something and create false controversy, i.e. ratings?


He openly advocated the philosophy of Jesus and proudly declared himself a Christian. What say you, ACLU?

At this point the pinheads would probably point out Falafel Bills glaring stupidity in grasping the basic concept of church and state, but they'd be shouted down and have their mics turned off.

Dr. King yes, the creche no? Think about it.

We have Bill. And within about a second we realized that equating a nativity scene with MLK is mind numbingly stupid, even for you. Now go tease some nipples.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Now that his power over every aspect of the government is secure, Bush tossed a little nugget to his critics, and just proved yet again what a colossal asshole he is.

In an interview with ABC’s Barbara Walters to be broadcast Friday, Bush said some of his past remarks were too blunt.

“‘Bring it on’ was a little blunt,” the president said in a transcript of the interview released Thursday.

Gee ya think? Inviting our enemies to kill our troops was a "little blunt"? No shit. But hey, he's sorry, so lets give him the benefit of the doubt just this once.

But then he turns around and does this;

“I remember when I talked about Osama bin Laden, I said we’re going to get him dead or alive. I guess it’s not the most diplomatic of language,” Bush said.

Excuse me? You shouldve been more diplomatic when addresing what you were planning on doing to the evil terrorist who just murdered 3 thousand americans in the largest terrorist attack in our nations history? (Now would be a perfect example of the liberal medai test. Imagine President Gore/Kerry saying this right now. Now imagine what the subject will be discussed for the next 12 days on FOX news and right wing radio. File taht away and think of it when in the next 12 days you hear nothing.). What should you have done, declare that you think a former KGB agent and head of the notorious East German secret service is trustworthy based on doing nothing but looking into his eyes and saying he has a good soul? God that would be retarded.

Was he afraid of alienating our terrorist allies? He shouldnt, Saudi Arabia will let him do what he wants. They are like family.

In fact, that was what he SHOULD have said. He attacked us, we get him. Dead or alive.

Of course I bet what hes really regretting is the fact that he said it 3 years ago, and has utterly failed to do either.

Good for them.

Biology teachers at a high school in Dover have rejected the instructions of local officials to read a statement in class today questioning the theory of evolution.
They had been ordered by the town's elected school board to preface their usual class on evolution with a statement, saying "Darwin's Theory is a theory ... not a fact. Gaps in the theory exist for which there is no evidence."
As an alternative, the statement mentions "intelligent design", an updated form of creationism which argues that life on earth is too complex to have developed at random.
The teachers asked to opt out of making the statement, and it will be read instead by a school administrator before a biology class early next week.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

LIke you need another reason to love Vermont?

I love Media Matters...

October 27, 2004
O'REILLY: Now, there are no rules anymore in the media -- no rules. It used to be that you had to verify your story. You had to have proof before you printed. No longer. If there's an allegation out there, you can print it. It doesn't have to be true; it doesn't have to come from a credible source -- you know, boom, it's out there. You've seen that in the presidential race right now.

January 10th 2005
O'REILLY: So, anyway, Moore comes in and he wins [a People's Choice Award], and he gives a mild speech about "We all love the country, live in a great country." This is the same guy who runs around Europe saying we live in a terrible country. ... No, we live in a great country when he wins a People's Choice Award voted on by Americans. He goes over to London -- "We live in a bad country, America's bad, exploits people, causes pain and suffering all over the world." This is what Moore does. And who funds all of his stuff overseas? Word is George Soros does. Can't prove it -- that's the word.

Word is O'reilly likes to take girls from behind with falafels. Thats the word....

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Wow. I hate almost everything about this guy.

An Indiana congressman is warning that an Iraqi-style democracy may not make much of a change there. Why? Because the Judeo-Christian ethic is critical to the success of such a venture, he says.

Heres a question. WHenever you hear any right wing jesus nut talk about the "Judeo-Christian" something or other, how much do you think they mean the "Judeo" part?

Earlier this week, Republican Mark Souder was one of the speakers at a bipartisan prayer service before the opening of the 109th session of Congress. He told the audience that religious faith is the conscience of democracy."The United States was at its founding, and still is, not only a religious nation but largely a Christian nation,"
No it wasn't. God is not mentioned once in the constitution, many of the Founders were deists, and the ones that were religuos wanted the seperation of Church and State. But this fairy tale makes the nuts sleep better at night, so they keep spewing it out.

Souder said. "Through Judeo-Christian beliefs that anchor our legal,

Wrong. Our Legal system can be traced back to English Common Law from the Middle Ages.

our economic,
Capitalism wasn't invented until about a thousand years after Christ died, and one of the things that helped its creation was the transatlantic slave trade . And we all know Christ was all about economic models. Im sure it wouldve been only a matter of time before he came up with it, except those fuckin lepers kept distracting him.

our military,
Our Miltary is based on the teachings of jesus? Thats too stupid even for me to comment on. An

and our political system,
Someone should have told the Greeks from 5th century BC.

the balance of powers and constraints upon the state -- and thus upon the majority -- assume the sinful nature of man and one that is not perfectable."

Without a faith grounded in such beliefs, the congressman said, democracy as it is known in the United States cannot work -- and he believes that could well be the case in Iraq."

Someone better tell India, the Worlds Largest democracy because they are a nation mostly of Hindu's, Buddhists, and Sikh's.

John Adams said, 'Our Constitution is made for a moral and religious people,'" Souder noted. "Does democracy in Iraq mean the majority Shia, upon winning, can deny rights to women and to religious minorities, not to mention exact revenge upon the Sunni? Why not do these things if the only standard is democracy?"

Look to the Jesus america Model, where these things never happened! And man I'd lvoe to get me one of those founding father set of ethics so I can bang me a nice hot little nubile slave.

model He offered a recent demonstration of the nation's morality, whose "premises rest at least upon the echoes and remnants of Judeo-Christian teaching," he says.

Slavery, Womens suffrage, Religous persecution, racism, homophobia.

"Over 75 percent of the American people profess to be Christian, and an even higher percentage believe that they were created by God -- not some randomly evolving blob of amoeba," Souder stated.

He pulled that out of his ass.

God I hate people like him. WIlling, even eager, to embrace stupidity to fit hs narrow religous views.

Jesus would hate that.

I thought of making fun of this loser, but then realized that he is actually going to turn a profit from other, bigger losers.

Either way, im a purist. I didn't get to be a 12th level Paladin with a +4 resistance to undead by "buying" it.

IT's the directors cut that made it for me.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Well he's fitting in quite nicely so far.

Good (albeit biased) recap of the craziness in the Washignton Governers race here.

PASADENA, Calif. - Mel Gibson and Michael Moore have been used as shorthand for cultural and political divisions among Americans, but how do the filmmakers feel about each other? Cue the Hollywood ending - it's hugs all around.
"I saw the film. I liked it," Gibson told AP Radio Sunday at the 31st Annual People's Choice Awards, countering the contention that "Fahrenheit 9/11" fans and "The Passion of the Christ" enthusiasts are mutually exclusive groups.
Moore's critique of President Bush's policies since the Sept. 11 attacks and Gibson's film about Jesus Christ's final hours were huge hits at the box office in 2004, and both won People's Choice awards Sunday. "Fahrenheit 9/11" was named favorite movie and "The Passion of the Christ" was the favorite drama.
"I feel a kind of strange kinship with Michael," Gibson said. I mean, they're trying to pit us against each other in the press, but this is all just a hologram, you know. They've really got nothing to do with one another. They were used as some kind of divisive left-right thing."
Moore said he saw Gibson's film twice, and even took his father to see it.
"I thought it was a powerful piece of filmmaking," Moore told AP Radio Sunday. "I'm a practicing Catholic, and you know I think Mel and I may be from different wings of the Catholic Church. My film might have been called 'The Compassion of the Christ.'"

And thanks to Atrios, the view over at Freeperland is basically like when you tell a robot to stand in the corner of a round room. "DOES not compute..."

The more things change…..

The newest tactic being considered by the criminally incompetent fools at the Pentagon, is to kick it old school Reagan Style.

Now, NEWSWEEK has learned, the Pentagon is intensively debating an option that dates back to a still-secret strategy in the Reagan administration’s battle against the leftist guerrilla insurgency in El Salvador in the early 1980s. Then, faced with a losing war against Salvadoran rebels, the U.S. government funded or supported "nationalist" forces that allegedly included so-called death squads directed to hunt down and kill rebel leaders and sympathizers. Eventually the insurgency was quelled, and many U.S. conservatives consider the policy to have been a success—despite the deaths of innocent civilians and the subsequent Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages scandal. (Among the current administration officials who dealt with Central America back then is John Negroponte, who is today the U.S. ambassador to Iraq. Under Reagan, he was ambassador to Honduras.)

We MUST stop terrorists! And if that doesnt work, actively support and fund them.

Friday, January 07, 2005

I just wanted to blog this so I could say I blogged about a blog that’s blogging about a blog that bogs about blogs.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

In all the hubbub about talking about Star wars and reality TV, I overlooked the biggest CT story of the last few months. The one that had me smiling for day’s.

Our piece of shit disgraced former Governor who was forced to resign because he was about to be impeached for the lying cheating crook he is, Pleaded guilty to Conspiracy in Federal Court. That’s right, Our arrogant prick of a former Governor is not only disgraced, but a felon as well.

The Hartford Courant has a whole section devoted to it if you’re interested. Short story is: He was an obnoxious arrogant governor.

Some of the highlights I remember was when he stabbed the democratic senate in the back during budget negotiations.

Vetoing the sooty six bill.

Agreeing to a 220 million illegal loan to enron which we got stuck with when Enron went bankrupt. (When the accusations that the loan was given as a quid pro quo because Enron was donating money to the Republican Governors Association fund, Rowland did what comes naturally to him. He lied. He said he never spoke with Ken Lay, then records were revealed that they had a 21 minute phone conversation after the loan was given.)

And of course the most prevelant of the Rowland character traits, accepting thousands upon thousands of gifts, free vacations, condo’s, free construction work on his vacation home, etc., from businesses that were vying for government contracts.

TO make a long story longer, He got caught. We started an impeachment inquiry. Over 70% of the state wanted him to resign or be impeached. Finally, when he knew he was going to lose, he resigned.

Whether he’ll do time is debatable, because I’ve read the judge in charge is, shall we say, quite accommodating to the Governor, even joking around with his lawyer during the proceedings.

The excellent, yet annoyingly rarely updated, blog Connecticut Political Watch, has a nice tidbit as well.

It begins.

Gotta get a laptop before next month so I can blog from the line.

Damn, too late. Looks like Weak Isht too.

Geektacular Vanity Fair Star Wars cover. They even got Harrison Ford to do it.

As always, Picard out.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Who wrote this? Me or Wendy the retard?

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Reasons why Amazing Race is the best reality show ever?

They made a guy eat his own sick.


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