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Because face it.
I'm right, and you're wrong.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hardball had its semi monthly woe is me persecuted Christians show the other night. It’s the same as usual. If a Christian isn’t allowed to shove his religion in the face of every person in the country, then he’s being discriminated against and persecuted.

Matthews: Were you—were you surprised, then, to hear that the diagnosis, that the autopsy showed that her brain had shriveled to half its size and that she was truly—I hate to use the term—in that vegetative state?

Man: That‘s up to God to determine whether we‘re in a vegetative state or not. I can‘t determine that.

Where to begin? I mean, I expect the religious fanatic to give a bullshit answer, but that one wasn’t even thought through. Its up to god to determine medical diagnosis? That’s logical. Somebody tell Dr. Frist. Although, when your proven wrong in such a brutally public and embarrassing way, you have to try something to save face.

But Chris Matthews, a former Democrat, should be ashamed. “I hate to use the term”. Really? You hate to use the now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt medical term for her condition? Why is that?

Or this beauty:
MATTHEWS: Should we—should we punish them?
LAND: We should punish the doctors.
MATTHEWS: Why shouldn‘t we punish the person who gets the abortion?
LAND: I—if—if I see a pregnant woman with a problem pregnancy, and I see two victims, two victims.
LAND: I would punish the doctors. I would punish the people who perform the abortions.

This is what makes pro-lifers such raging hypocrites. Its the woman who gets the abortion who is the one who is deciding to “murder” their baby. They and they alone are responsible for that choice. The doctor is merely the instrument. If these people were honest, they would declare that the woman should be prosecuted for murder. But they know people would be horrified by that, so they don’t. Same with In votro fertilization and stem cells. Pro-lifers are hypocrites.

And the rest of the show we hear the same old lies over and over. That our founders were “Christian” and we are based on “Christian principles”, that we “removed” prayer from schools, No one actually points out that that is complete horseshit, and Matthews just sits there and nods.

Friday, June 24, 2005

I found this quite illuminating

The review from Publishers Weekly on Hack Peggy Noonan's book about Hillary.

Addressing herself to the voting population of New York State, Noonan rails against "Clintonism"--which she defines as the using of any tactic to achieve a political goal, including "misleading constituents on serious and crucial issues," "evading responsibility for governmental mistakes," "smearing opponents and critics" and "lying" --as she begs New Yorkers not to elect the First Lady as their senator.

The same Noonan who took a leave of absense from the WSJ to campaign door to door for Bush's re-election.

After reading about Simmons supporting that stupid bill to deny funding to Federal Marshalls for enforcing laws that conservatives don't like, I had to find out who it was that wrote the bill. It was John Hostettler of Indiana. The biggest idiot on two feet. Naturally he is so right wing, he makes Karl Rove look like Bill Moyer's.

This is the same man who stood on the floor of Congress the other day and said this:
"Like a moth to a flame the Democrats can't help themselves when it comes to denigrating and demonizing Christians."

Representative Dave Obey, Democrat from Wisconson, immedialty stood up and demanded that his words be stricken from the record. Which they eventually were. But this tells you where the right wing is all about. Smear, smear, smear.

Crooks And Liars has the video.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which was created in 1967 in order shield it from Poltiical unfluence, is now being run by a partisan Republican.

The White House Senior Political Advisor just accused all Liberals of wanting to kill American soldiers. Expect absolutely no outrage, or even interest from anyone in the liberally controlled media, as usual. Since this is a White House that can get away with letting the First lady make jokes about jerking off a horses cock, why would they even blink at this?

CT Congressman Rob Simmons just voted to deny funding for federal marshals that dared take down the Ten Commandments statue from an Indiana Courthouse. As amazing that it is that Simmons voted for this, it amzes me even more tha the actual idea of even creating a bill like this would even occur to someone. Thats how the right wing works. If the Marshalls dare follow the laws that Conservatives don't like, they WILL be punished.

The prime number shitting bear.

Pope doing the shocker.

Good Amazon reviewer.

Michael and Terri Schaivo get the last word.

Inscription on her grave:

Born December 3rd 1963
Departed this Earth February 25th 1990
At Peace march 31st 2005
I kept my promise
Naturally, its driving the wingnuts batty.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Schiavo autopsy results released.

'"Her brain was profoundly atrophied," Jon Thogmartin, medical examiner for Florida's Pinellas-Pasco County, told a press conference. "There was massive neuronal loss, or death. This was irreversible and no amount of therapy or treatment would have regenerated the massive loss of neurons."
“The brain weighed 615 grams, roughly half of the expected weight of a human brain," he added.

Thogmartin was joined by Dr. Stephen Nelson, who described her condition as "very consistent with a persistent vegetative state," which is what Michael Schiavo and most doctors had contended was the case.

Also she was compeltly blind, as the vision centers of her brain were totally dead.

Since this stands in stark contrast to the insane claims of all the wingnuts, and that scuzzy family that smeared her husband mercilessly, lets check and see what the wingnuts are saying in response...

It's a whitewash. The M.E. is part of the Pinellas County "good ol' boy" club.

Terri was not blind. She could see. This guy is LYING HIS BUTT OFF now.

I would be inclined NOT to believe anything forthcoming in this so-called "autopsy report."

Terri understood jokes. Three nurses were fired because they interacted with her. My neighbor worked at Palm Gardens and was Terri's nurse.

This is a whitewash. Now they are saying she can't register any thought. But, when Terri found out the tube was coming out, she tried to say "I want to live." Terri started crying because Terri knew what it meant when the tube was coming out.
Then the police threw the family out of the room and she was murdered.

It goes on for about 550 posts and counting. Free Republic never disappoints.

Daughter of 9/11 victim blows millions buying crap.

This just warms the cockles of your heart doesn't it? I know a family that lost their dad in 9/11, and they refused to accept any money from the victims fund. We're talking millions here. Instead they spent their time starting a non profit organization to help their community.

Take away the fact that hes a big Bush guy, Curt schilling is the perfect man.

Tamat - In a fairly recent thread on the Official EverQuest II forums many people were wondering what class you play. Would you mind telling us a bit about your character and why you decided on your class?
Curt - In EQ1 I played a monk, in MAC EQ I played a shaman, and am now a Defiler. I like the ability to impact a group, raid, in more ways than one, from dotting and debuffing to warding and healing. I also chose Ogre, been at it now for a few years and I think the race is spot on as far as what I would be in game.

Porn star attends the President’s Dinner fundraiser. Imagine if she showed up at a Democratic Fundraiser. It would be the main topic on Hannity and Colmes, The O”Reilly Factor, Hardball, Joe Scarborough and everyone else for a week straight. We’d hear Jerry Falwell talk about how the Democratic party has fallen to new lows, how red state America must fight against this immorality, yadda yadda...

But since we have a President who’s brother got herpes from banging a bunch of Filipino hookers, and no one cares, it's clear something like this won't be worth mentioning.

And shes fat.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Well the CT Legislative session is over and what have I learned? That is, other than the fact that my brother played beer pong in the democratic caucus room with the state Reps (Democrats rule). Sadly not much. As into politics as I am, I am woefully ignorant of it on the local level. But hopefully that will change. Now that I am a Hartford Resident (Girard Ave Represent), I am going to try and get more actively involved. Heck I didn't even know who my state senator was until today (Eric Coleman, by about 30 feet).

It's especially surprising I havent gotten more into this before since Democrats on the national level are a bucnh of spineless jellyfish being dominated in all branches of government by the extreme right wing, whereas in CT, Democrats pretty much run the place. Yeah we got a Republican Governor (after our last one resigned in disgrace and is currently spending time in prison for being a corrupt scumbag), but shes a dealmaking moderate who just passed a big stem cell law, civil unions law, mimnimum wage increase, etc.. and the Dems run the show in the house and Senate.

Want to see an intelligent blogs/websites about CT politics? (Especially since all youre gonna get here lately is goofy Star wars links)

We got the The Connecticut Young Democrats blog, Connecticut Local Politics, CT Blue, and CT News Junkie (Not so much political, but helpful and informative).

A good place to start, and I'm always on the hunt for more.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

F’N Larpers. They are so badass.

Ron’s Prom photos.

Added to my Amazon wishlist. Although I’ll only accept East Coast style. I don’t play no West Coast shit.

Yet another reason why summer TV kicks ass.

Like Yo mamma jokes? Mr. T doesn’t.

Mariah Carrey’s fan’s rule.

cool game.

Someone needs to teach Kim Jong Il a lesson in propoganda.

The horseback riding was a nice touch though. Made him look all badass. Kim Jong ain't no hollaback girl.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Lawrence Bender is a dueschebag.

He's the idiot who fell into being a producer because he was friends with Quentin Tarantino. Why do I mention this, especially since you've never heard of him? Because he's "blogging" over at Huffingtonpost.com. And Blogging is my turf baby.

An excerpt:
When she presented me with the award, they played a series of clips from my movies. They ended with a speech Matt Damon gave in Good Will Hunting.

My movies? Dude you were an Executive Producer on that as a favor to Quentin from Miramax (and other than Tarantino movies and Good Will Hunting, you're resume consists of things like being Producer on the TV movie "Lost in OZ", and "Legend of Earthsea" ). Everyone on the set hated you, especially Ben, Matt and Gus Van Sant. You would constantly "brainstorm" ideas for dialogue and try to get them inserted into the movie. When Gus wanted' nothing more to do with you (because you're ideas sucked), you went to Ben and Matt and tried to get them to approach you with your ideas and try and pretend they were theirs, at whcih point Ben and Matt would go up to Gus saying "Guuus, heres some more scenes from Lawrence Bender that he wants us to give to you and pretend they were our ideas". And then they would all laugh at you.

And then there was the time after the movie became a hit and Ben, Matt, Gus, and the Wienstien's were invited to a special screening at the White House with Clinton, and when you found out you weren't on the list, you cried until they had to make another phone call and have you added. Thats right, you cried. Crybaby crier. That's your new name.

As for how I know this, trust me, I met someone who witnessed it all first hand.

Reality TV helping fight the war in terror.

Is their anything Reality TV can't do?

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